Your vehicle’s battery is not very demanding and most often only thought of when if fails, just a small amount of care and maintanence will help ensure it dosen’t let you down when you need it most.  Humphrey’s Tyres and Air Conditioning on the Gold Coast stocks a large range of SuperCharge GOLD PLUS and SILVER PLUS batteries starting from $125.

SuperCharge automotive batteries are engineered with a cutting edge technology providing reliable assurance of its superior performance and convenience. It offers the widest range of Maintenance Free and Low-maintenance automotive batteries.


  • Check battery acid levels every six months.
  • Keep your battery terminals clean to allow your car to charge the battery.
  • Check alternator charge rate every six months


FREE:  Ask for a free battery load test, this can be completed while you wait to avoid your battery letting you down! .

For all your battery needs on the Gold Coast visit Humphrey’s Tyres and Air Conditioning in Southport.