Log Book Service from $149

You don’t need to take your car to a dealer for a log book service, the team at Humphrey’s Tyres and Air Conditioning on the Gold Coast can look after your car servicing needs whether it be a major or minor service as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. We use only quality premium Castrol oil and Ryco filters.

Like us, your car performs better when it is well maintained and regularly serviced. Log book services assist in keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently helping with fuel economy and saving you money on petrol. Early detection can prevent potential issues exploding – saving you money.

Part of what is covered in our $149 log book service*

  • New Castrol engine oil (upto 5 litres) and filter

Vehicle exterior

  • Check tyres, Nitrogen fill, rotate
  • Check brake pads and disc rotors
  • Check all head lights, blinkers and tail lights
  • Check spare tyre and nitrogen fill

Under Vehicle

  • Check for oil and coolant leaks
  • Check exhaust and mounts
  • Check steering rack, all boots and joints
  • Check suspension, bushes and joints
  • Check gear box and diff oils
  • Check shocks and struts

Under bonnet

  • Check and pressure test cooling system and all components
  • Check all fluids levels and quality
  • Check and load test battery
  • Check engine belts

Road test vehicle

  • Final check off of all vehicle components are safe and performing correctly
  • Complete written report to customer
  • Complete and stamp vehicle log book

Please note: *most vehicles from only $149 – before doing additional work not covered we will always contact you.