Radiator Leak Repairs from $88

Radiator/Engine Coolant Power Flush from $99

New Radiators Supplied from $125

Radiators Supplied and Fitted from $299

Includes: Castrol coolant, 2 Year nationwide warranty, Engine coolant power flush, 12 point cooling system test

Same Day Service!


Humphrey’s Tyres and Air Conditioning Gold Coast has a full service Radiator workshop offering you:

  • Your yearly / 10 000km radiator-engine coolant power flush and coolant refill using CASTROL coolant, cooling system pressure test and 12 point check.
  • Over heating or leaking? We can diagnose the problem and repair the issue.
  • New radiators supplied and fitted with a nationwide warranty from $299.
  • Radiator recores and complete rebuilds.
  • Radiator disassembly and clean outs.
  • Cooling system pressure tests.

There are six common reasons why your Radiator may fail.

  1. Contamination or foreign matter inside the radiator.
  2. Corrosion caused by mechanical and chemical deteriation of the radiators tubes and header plates leading to holes and cracks in the core.
  3. Pitting Corrosion caused by oil cooler failure.
  4. Electrolysis also commonly called stray current corrosion. This is a systematic removal of the protective layer on the inside of the radiator tubes due to improper grounding of one or more of the vehicles electrical components.
  5. Thermal Shock or stress is caused by drastic differences in temperature.
  6. Radiator Cap. The radiator cap keeps the coolant level in the radiator at the desired amount. The cap releases coolant to the overflow bottle, at a certain pressure, then draws it back as the engine cools, to maintain the correct coolant level.

How can you prevent your radiator from failing?

Flushing your cooling system yearly as recommended by your vehicle manufacture will remove contaminants deposited by your engine, remove all the minerals in the water that cause corrosion in the engine and radiator, as well as greatly extending the life of the radiator, water pump and radiator hoses.

Maintenance of your radiator and its coolant is very important, any corrosion to the tube wall will accelerate tube fatigue. Have you serviced your radiator in the last year or 10,000km? Our radiator coolant power flush and Castrol coolant refill at Humphrey’s Tyres and Air Conditioning is only $99 for all passenger vehicles and $109 for all 4WD vehicles using quality Castrol coolant.

Don’t forget another great tip is never mix coolants as this can cause corrosion and leaks in your cooling system.

FREE – cooling system pressure test and coolant glycol test.